Are you interested in spiritual community during your workday? Is that something you’d be excited about trying to figure out?

From talking with alumni, we have heard that integrating faith and work is challenging. You don’t have much space for spiritual conversations with co-workers during the day. Inviting to church can be daunting and a hard first step. Work can be overwhelming or simply feel not very important to God’s kingdom.

We would love to try and help make spiritual community at work a reality and begin to address some of these challenges.

One of the things we’ve been able to create for the alumni community is a map of where all the Cru alumni work in the city, as well as other young professionals in the same boat.

From this we have discovered many of you work near each other or even in the same company!

A few groups have sprung up (we’re calling them G3s – groups of 3), of alumni getting together for lunch, morning prayer, Friday afternoons, etc. to encourage one another, experience community, and seek Christ together.



If you are interested in something like this or just want to know where other like-minded believers are working in the city then FILL OUT THE FORM and we will be in touch!

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